Hot tub

Book yourselves a hot tub and have a nice, relaxing time!

Our high quality private hot tub for 6 people is made of heat treated pine and marine-grade aluminum. The hot tub has tilted backrests and good sized wooden stairs for easy access in and out of the tub. The hot tub has a very powerful wood heater and a hot tub cover. The cover helps to warm up the water inside the hot tub.

If you order our hot tub it will be delivered for you and we will place it close to the sauna terrace.

What you need to do if you book a hot tub:

  • Filling up the tub with a hose
  • Heating up the water with wood, the heating time is about 2,5 hours
  • Placing the cover over the tub after bathing

Check out the introduction video by cliking the picture:

Hot tub

Book the hot tub here

Коттеджи для отпуска

Kuusela100 m2
Mantyla100 m2
Suvantola118 m2
Koskela118 m2