Cottages are located by a private road "Keskikoskentie", which most navigators dont recognize. The cordinates for the road are +63° 47' 37", +27° 26' 24". The closest address that can be recognized by navigators is "Hotellintie 3, 74360 Sonkajärvi". From there you still have to drive another 500 meters. You will get driving instructions from you home to our cottage by giving your address and pressing "Search route" or by clicking here for driving instructions.

Holiday homes

Kuusela100 m2
Mantyla100 m2
Suvantola118 m2
Koskela118 m2


Helsinki500km Tampere407km
Jyväskylä262km Iisalmi35km
Oulu200km Kajaani58km